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Welcome to the Fit Brummie Bootcamp!

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Finally a Solution to Boring & Repetitive Workouts!

If You Are Tired of Jumping From Fitness Program to Fitness Program, You Are In The Right Place!

Welcome to the Fit Brummie Bootcamp!

After having 2 children 19 months apart I had become several stones overweight. I find it easy to use excuses to not go to the gym, I was lacking motivation to get back into it. I decided I needed to have someone motivate me. I saw the bootcamp fitness classes online and decided to join up.I went to the fitness classes in Harborne 2-4 times a week and stuck to the diet plan. I have dropped 2 dress sizes and 2 stone 3 pounds in 3 months. I can only but highly recommend.

Rachel (Working Mother Of Two)

(Results may vary person to person depending on circumstances)

Let Start With Some Questions!

Are You...

  • Frustrated With Feeling Tired & Out Of Breath?
  • Struggling With Fitness Motivation?
  • Sick Of Not Fitting In Your Clothes?
  • Bored Of Repetitive Exercise DVD's or Fitness Classes?
  • Looking To Exercise But Confused About Where To Start?
  • Tired Not Seeing Any Weight Loss Results No Matter What You Try?
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At the Fit Brummie Bootcamp, we take pride in helping people from all over Birmingham fall in love with fitness again. We also pride ourselves on our friendly, supportive and encouraging environment.

We have been providing our outdoor fitness classes in Harborne since 2012 and each exercise class is planned and run by fully qualified and insured personal trainers.

Your first fitness class is FREE of charge allowing you to experience our sessions before you join.

We are delighted to welcome all fitness levels.

Once you join, I am so confident in my weight loss and fitness advice, if you don't lose at least seven pounds in your first month*, I will refund your first month in FULL

  • Location Queens Park, Court Oak Road, Harborne B32 2EG.
  • Times Monday 6am and 5:45pm Tuesday 6:00am & 6:30pm Wednesday 6am and 5:45pm, Thursday 6am & 6:30pm Friday 6am & 5:45pm Saturday 10am

So what is included?

  • Your Monthly Membership Entitles To Unlimited Fitness Classes. We Have Ten Different Time Slots Per Week.
  • My Complete Diet System Including Daily Food Planner, Recipes & Habit Builder.
  • A FULL Money Back Guarantee If You Aren't Happy After Your First Month.

Frequently Solved Problems

  • “I don’t have much to exercise” Our 45 minute are fast and super effective. We times to suit all, especially parents.
  • “I struggle with motivation” Every workout is different so you never get bored.
  • “I want to lose weight but exercise doesn’t work” That’s right! I have a nutrition diploma and will provide a simple, thorough and effective diet system to go alongside your exercise.
  • “I never see any results” Our simple monthly membership system allows you to be consistent. The more consistent you are, you better results you get.

Check Out Our Reviews!

I took the effort to squeeze my exercise bike into my car when moving from Manchester to Birmingham but could not find the motivation to get on it once it was set up! I joined John Hill's Harborne based bootcamp class thinking that realistically I could just about commit to two sessions a week and that I'd give the diet plan 'a go' but as a convinced choc-a-holic probably wouldn't be able to stick to it. A month later I had lost 11 pounds, was loving it and, have to admit, actually missed it on the rest days! Food tastes better and my energy levels have increased massively.

Jen Farrar

(Results may vary person to person depending on circumstances)

Basically - this works! I lost 30 pounds over 3 months using John's advice for a healthy lifestyle, added to regular bootcamp sessions. I found John to be an inspiring instructor, knowledgeable on what works, giving useful practical advice on nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I found adding the bootcamp sessions to my routine to be an enjoyable way of losing weight, and getting fit. Since starting these sessions I have completed the 3 peaks challenge, and my first ever half marathon. If you are thinking about changing your lifestyle, then I can definitely recommend John.

(Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person depending on circumstances)


Boot camp is amazing. John is really encouraging and varies the workouts – literally no two sessions are the same. The combination of exercising outdoors with a great trainer is very effective with visible results really quickly.

(Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person depending on circumstances)


I am a qualified gym instructor and experienced gym goer and class goer. I gave John's boot camp a go. I joined with two other friends. One tried his diet and did well so one week in and I gave it a go and have not looked back. I was fit when I was young ie in my teens and 20s. Since August I have lost 33lb of fat, stayed the same chest size and arm size. I need new clothes. I have lost fat as in I was 28 per cent fat at the start and am now 15.4 per cent. I jokingly set myself a target of a sixpack for Christmas. This was a stupid I'll never have one goal. I am nearly there. If you turn up, work hard and follow the eating plan THIS WORKS REALLY WELL. I am as fit now as when I went to Officer Training in the Army at 19 years old and I am 33 now! If doubt, don't, just turn up as this is truly 'Inspiring Fitness'. Oh and you'll make some good friends too as you can't beat forging relationships in the mud and rain doing press ups and burpees!

(Disclaimer: Results may vary person to person depending on circumstances)


So What Are You Waiting For?

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John Hill Qualifications

  • Advanced Personal Trainer
  • Functional Exercise Specialist
  • Diploma In Diet & Nutrition
  • Certified NLP Practitioner
  • Certified Hypnotherapist

*For refund must attend at least 2 exercise classes per week for the first month